Audio/Video Restoration Services...

addservices specializes in expert restoration of a wide range of medium and formats. Our expertise in this field involves not only knowledge of acoustics and recording but also comprehensive knowledge of electronics, physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering, methodology of sound capture, and motion picture technology.

 It is important to understand that older recordings are extremely sensitive and susceptible to terminal damage if not handled properly. Even a simple task such as rewinding audio tape can result in the total destruction of the source due to peeling of oxide, stretching, or fracture of the carrier. I have hundreds of hours of training and hands-on experience in the field to assure expert handling of your precious recordings. This is all part of our approach to high precision restoration that can often match or exceed the original sonic luster of the phono-recordings without compromising their integrity and safety.

 DVD/VCD/CD Duplication & Printing:

 We process CD-R,DVD-R,CD-RW,DVD-RW Duplicating, Reel To Reel, Audio Cassettes & 8 Track Tapes to CD quality audio.

 Here we can provide you with:

 * CD-R Duplication & Printing.

 * CD-R Reference Copies.

 * CD-R Printing including Booklet & Inlay Card.

 * CD-R Archiving.

 * DAT Copying.

 * Audio Cassette Duplication.

 * Sample Rate and Bit Rate Conversions.

 * Non Copyrighted Analog Video Tapes (all formats) To Digital Audio/Video Converting (CD/VCD/DVD).

 * Digital Video Format Converting To (AVI/DVD/MP4/3GP/MPEG/MOV/WMV/RM & SWF).

 * 2 Channel Stereo Audio To Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Audio.

 * Text To Audio Converting.

 * Photo Restoration & Photo Slides to CD/VCD/DVD Transfers.

 * On Site Audio/Video Recording Services.

 * General PC repairs & upgrades.

 * LP's - 331/3, 45rpm (Transfers from).

 * Old 78rpm Records (Transfers from).

 * DJ Services (Weddings, Parties, etc...)

    For more info. phone: 506-577-6454 (Home) 506-533-6288 (Cell) and ask for Don.

    E-Mail: aadservices@yahoo.ca or aadservices@gmail.com

   You may also visit:  https://411.ca/business/profile/9030255